Lionel Taito-Matamua

Founder/Creative Pathways coordinator

A graduate of Victoria University of Wellington's Master of Design Innovation (MDI) program, Lionel has always wanted to make a difference in the communities. He has been involved in various outreach programs at VUW which has helped form the foundations for Creative Pathways. Through Creative Pathways, Lionel hopes to see more Pacific, Maori and Females in the SEAD/STEMMD industry. Creative Pathways is an extension of his Masters Thesis, with a goal that Ce Pathways will be implimented in the Pacific.

Professor Simon Fraser

Creative pathways advisor/VUW

Prof. Simon Fraser has had a major involvement with helping get Creative Pathways off the ground. As a co-supervisor Lionel's masters, Simon has seen potential for 3D printing and digital literacy in schools as a future direction for New Zealand. Creating new jobs in the future and new opportunities for the future generations of makers around the world.


Jeongbin OK

Creative Pathways ADVISOR/VUW

Jeongbin is a senior lecturer at Victoria Universities School of Design. As a co-supervisor for Lionel's masters thesis, Jeongbin provided the scientific, engineering and material expertise needed for Lionel's research. Jeongbin has provided technical and software advice for Creative Pathways. He sees the benefits of STEMMD subjects in the classroom, making learning more interesting and enjoyable for both teachers and students.