Our mission

Creative Pathways is aimed to create opportunities for kids to interact with new technology and digital software through creative projects within their school curriculum. Helping to establish new generations of creative Scientist,Technologist, Engineers, Mathematicians, Makers, Architects and Designers.

How do we do this?

  • We engage with teachers and establish relationships between our team and the schools.
  • We work with teachers to create projects which engage with the curriculum learning objectives and engage students creativity.
  • We offer the opportunity for schools - teachers and students - to experience 3D printing as a learning tool.
  • We offer the opportunity for schools to be a part of a wider maker community.
  • We try inspire more Pacific and Maori students to consider tertiary education
  • We try to inspire more females to consider a career/educational pathway in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Architecture and Design.
  • We offer support and inspiration from our institution connections, network and partners.
  • We engage with schools and communities to encourage higher education for their children.