Creative Pathways Outreach is a programme aimed at giving children, students, communities, cultural groups and anyone interested in learning new tools, and the opportunity to experience 3D-printing through creative and digital means. Utilizing a hands on Design approach, projects are designed with teachers, community leaders and facilitators to ensure students are engaging, learning objectives and standards are met. Through this we want to assist and build maker communities, build interest in the STEMMD (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing and Design) sector, and establish future leaders in our communities.

Students and teachers are given the opportunity to experience 3D-printing in schools with the hope to create higher digital literacy skills for the next generation. Creative Pathways outreach is targeted typically towards college/high schools. we are also able to run workshops with other student groups (primary school, alternative education, tertiary providers etc).

Creative Pathways outreach is opened to events and workshops outside of the classroom. Please feel free to contact with any questions.

Areas of focus


EDUCATION - creating opportunities through new methods of learning and teaching 

Co-designed projects with education providers. Enabling students to learn new tools and skills through a design process and 3D-printing technology. Engaging with Pacific and Maori students and also female students to build a more diverse STEMMD industry in New Zealand and globally.

COMMUNITIES - WOrking with local community groups outside of the classroom 

Enabling community groups outside of the school system to experience technology and design. Learning through fun, interactive and hands on problem solving activities. We are open to having a pop-up stall for your next event, promoting the work we do and the capabilities of emerging technologies.

Pacific mission - renewing materials
Creating new opportunities in the pacific whilst cleaning up our environment through creativity

Building opportunities and capabilities in the Pacific. Through education and collaboration with industries, institutions and educational providers. Allowing for new ways of approaching existing issues in the Pacific.